Topics of Chinese Astrology

We have known for a long time that we were influenced by the Moon. The Chinese have studied this influence since the beginning of Time: as our astrology is based on the Sun, so theirs is based on the Moon.
In this website, Western readers are introduced for the first time to this art. Here you are no longer Pisces or Scorpio, but Tiger or Snake, Rooster or Rat, according to the year – not the month – of your birth. The year cycle of the Eastern calendar is divided into six series of ten years each, and there is a concurrent subdivision into dozens for the twelve animal signs of the Asiatic zodiac.
So it’s Leo the Lion here, Tiger over there: Aries the Ram here, the Goat over there – it’s a game anyone can play. Which are you?
And who should you put next to whom at dinner? Who should be kept apart at all costs ? Whose word can be trusted ? Who loves to tease ? Don’t ask any more if people were born under a lucky star: ask were they born under a good or a bad Moon!
The Rat
The year of the Rat

The Ox
The year of the Ox

The Tiger
The year of the Tiger

The Cat
The year of the Cat

The Dragon
The year of the Dragon

The Snake
The year of the Snake

The Horse
The year of the Horse

The Goat
The year of the Goat

The Monkey
The year of the Monkey

The Rooster
The year of the Rooster

The Dog
The year of the Dog

The Pig
The year of the Pig