The Love Crystal

Crystals are a very powerful and useful element of magic. Here we are going to teach you how to use them for any love matter. You will be able to find your ideal partner, improve the relationship with your actual partner, get married, have a happy marriage, finish a relationship in good terms, etc. Please keep in mind that this is white magic. So you cannot use this recipe to win a specific person, unless that person internally agrees with the union.


1 pink or clear quartz
Rose incense
1 red candle


Prepare this on a Tuesday, on your magic hour.
First and foremost, be very clear about what you want the love crystal to get for you. You may make only one request; be completely sure of what you want.
Then light the red candle and the rose incense; turn off the light of the room, so that the candlelight is the only light.
Then take the chosen crystal with your left hand (remember that the purest crystal shall render the best effects) and place your right hand over it.
After that, start visualizing a picture of what you desire, as clearly as possible. For example: if you want to get married, picture yourself in a wedding dress, or in the way you want to be married; if you want your relationship with your partner to improve, picture yourself walking hand in hand happy, etc. It is all up to what you want. Take all the time you need: this part of the recipe is critical.
Once your mental picture is perfectly clear, envision printing in with your right hand over the crystal you are holding with your left hand. Take all the time you need to do this.
When you consider the image is deeply imprinted, the crystal will have been programmed and will begin to let off the energy necessary for your wish to come true.
Turn on the light, and put out the candle and the incense.
Take the crystal with you everywhere until the programmed image is accomplished.