Spell to Win an Old Love Back

If you just cannot forget, then the best is to insist. To reach your purpose, put this spell into practice and you will seduce your loved one again.
Some bonds are broken up without thoroughly understanding the reason why.
There can be many causes to it, but none of them in itself justifies the ending of a love story that promised to last forever.
If something like that happened to you, it is highly probable you are still suffering for that person. Now may be the time to reconsider everything and make a last attempt. A winning back spell may be just the chance you are waiting for. Go ahead and go for it.


1 garment belonging to the loved one. It has to be something he/she will not want back, as you will have to work with it.
1 orchid root
5 bay leaves
Crushed almond shells
1 green candle
First, make a small pouch with the garment belonging to your loved one. Leave the upper section open.
When the pouch is ready, place inside the orchid root, the bay leaves (whole) and the almond shells. Then sew the top pouch section thoroughly shut.
Light the green candle. Take the pouch with your right hand, move it close to the fire, and say: “Come back to me.” Finally, seal the four corners of the pouch with candle wax. Once it is dry, keep the pouch under your bed for a week. After the seven days have elapsed, discard it in the trash.