Spell to find a perfect lover

Elements and preparation
1 red cylindrical candle
1 cent
1 bag of Ninann herbs
1 red ribbon
1 green ribbon
1 red square piece of cloth
Light a red candle and then put the herbs, the red ribbon and the coin in the piece of cloth. With needle and thread, sew the cloth square and then bring it close to your heart while saying:

Venus, queen of love, divine creature, give me the lover that I seek and that belongs to me. He (or she), perfect, and me, perfect, we will live together in passion.
Venus, queen of love, so sweet and warm, give me the lover that makes my nights warm and eager my days and assure he/she never leaves my side

With the cloth still close to your heart, imagine your lover comes to you. Finally, tie the cloth with a green ribbon to close the spell.
Take the cloth with you and when you go to bed, put it under your pillow. Once you get your lover, burn it and bury the ashes.