Spell to Find a Partner


1 picture of yourself
1 heart-shaped red piece of poster board
Red rose petals
1 piece of red fabric
Red thread and needle
3 white candles
2 red candles
1 astrological candle
1 incense of your preference


Perform this spell at your magic day and time, and when the Moon is Crescent or Full —preferably this last one.
Place two of the three white candles at the corners of the table where your magic recipe will be prepared. Place the incense between them and then light these three objects.
Next take your astrological candle and the remaining white candle; put them on the center of the table. Join them at their base with the red thread.
At both sides of the joined candles, place the two red candles and light them while saying:

From the deepest I cry to you, God:
Lord, listen to my outcry!
Be your ears open to the voice of my pleas!

Then take the red fabric and stretch it out of the table; put the red rose petals over it. Take the red card board shaped as a heart and on it write the following: “My loved one is for me as I am for him/her.” After that sew the heart to your picture and place it over the rose petals. With the thread and needle sew the fabric forming a pouch.
When you are done, place the pouch near the two joined candles and repeat the previous invocation:

From the deepest I cry to you, God:
Lord, listen to my outcry!
Be your ears open to the voice of my pleas!”
Then light the two joined candles; say seven times:
Call my spiritual guide so it opens the way for me
Toward a new love, and I can be happier with him/her.

When you are finished with this invocation, let the candles burn away. Pay attention, as you must put everything out when the joined candles burn until the place where you joined them together. Remember not to let the thread joining them be burned, because then the spell would be useless. After you put everything out, say utterly convinced:

I thank you, God, for listening to my words; as You are
The great wise of the Universe, You will know what to do with them. I trust You, then,
So that You make with my wish whatever that must be accomplished.

Pick the pouch you sewed and put it under your pillow. Keep it there until your new partner arrives. But always remember that Life has the last word. So maybe if due to some mysterious reason, this is not the time for you to have a partner, this will not work, or will take longer to work.