Spell to Attract a Woman

How to attract women

Get a strand of hair, the longest you can get, of the woman you want to attract; tie three knots to it. When tying the first knot, say:

Astaroth, make her love me!

Tie the second knot and say:

Sheva, make her love me!

Tie the third knot and say:

You will be mine, for Astaroth and Sheva wants so!

The pluck a strand of your own hair and join its ends with the ends of the woman’s hair. Wear this ring you just made in your left arm. Whenever you have a chance of touching your desired person, do it with your left hand and try to touch her bare skin and not her clothes.
When you touch her, you have to say in your mind: Now you are mine!.
Then you will be able to court her and you will be the owner of her heart in a matter of days. This is a very easy to do spell, with foolproof results if you go through all its details with a great deal of passion.