Spell to appeal to the loved one

The spirits of nature and earth elementals are a great help to attract love. The magic dust are associated with these elements. To prepare a love magic formula you will need:
• Half a teaspoon of sandalwood powder
• A quarter teaspoon of cinnamon basil
• A teaspoon of crushed basil
• Six drops of frankincense oil
• Two drops of jasmine oil
• Two drops patchouli oil
• A teaspoon of talc
Put all elements in a mortar, both solids and liquids, except for the talc, and mix well. Add talc at the last moment, when others are integrated. While mixing, say the following sentence:

I want … (say the name of the beloved)
to love me back,
to love me as much as I love him/her,
to want me as much as I want him/her,
to live together a lasting and intense love.

Then, sprinkle a little love powder on your bed and prepare a bag always to carry with you.