Spell for the love of a girl

To perform this spell you need to get a lock of hair of the girl.
Once you have it, make three knots with the lock. While you make the knots you will say the following words:
First knot:
Astaroth, make her love me
Second node:
Sheva, make her love me
Third knot:
You will be mine as Astaroth and Sheva want
Then, pull out a hair of your head and attach it with the hair lock of the girl making a ring. Place the ring you just made on your left arm.
When you have the opportunity to approach your chosen one, try to touch her skin (not her clothes) with your left hand. At the time you touch her, you must repeat in your head, You’re mine!
If you do it right, in a few days you will have her heart.
This spell is very easy to run and the results are infallible, provided you put a lot of passion in every detail.