Spell for Keeping the Loved One with You


5 pink candles
A piece of underwear used by the person we wish to keep by our side
A picture of you both
A piece of pink ribbon
A small jewel that the person that wants to keep the loved one has been wearing for 28 days at least, in contact with his/her skin
10 drops of jasmine essence
1/4 liter of rosewater
A pink silk pouch
A small flask


Wait until is it a Full-Moon Friday; at midnight, light the five candles. Put the piece of underwear between your hands; fray it and break it in small pieces while saying these words:

Just as I shred this fabric that has been in touch with your skin, I shred your resistance and shatter your fears.

Take the picture and pass it, front and back, through the flame of each of the five candles, while saying:

May the fire heating this paper reach beyond the physical limits and heat up our bodies. May we not find warmth without one another, and may the burning heat of passion set our hearts on fire.

Next let the five candles drop wax over the images in the picture until they are completely covered up. Write your name and the other person’s name in the pink ribbon, which will be used to tie the jewel to the picture —it must be a compact package. Place the picture and the jewel tied with the ribbon inside a basin and cover everything with the rosewater and the 10 drops of jasmine essence. Inside the basin, let a wax drop fall from each of the candles; raise the basin to the sky and say:

Sacred Energy of Love, You that can move mountains, enter the heart of (Name) and join it with my heart. May the flower of illusion never whither. May disappointment never cover our souls; may Love, every day renewed, reign.
If it is in my way, So Be It!

After making the sign of the cross in the air, leave the basin centered in the middle of the five candles. After the candles are completely burnt away, put their wax remains inside the basin and crumble all the contents so that the picture is virtually torn apart and the wax is completely in loose pieces.
Strain to separate solids from liquids.
Leave the solid part outdoors during nine days; it must receive the Sun and the Moon beams. After this period of time, put everything inside the silk pouch except the jewel, which we must wear again against our skin. Pour the liquid carefully into the small flask. Every morning and night, apply on the base of the nape, the center of the solar plexus, the navel, and the soles of both feet.
Should we lack the underwear, take a piece of white fabric and write the full name and birth date of the desired person in red ink. Be careful and see that the picture shows only the couple and no one else. If there are other people in it, cut them off the picture with your fingers (never with scissors) and discard these rests.