Spell for Attracting or Strengthening Love

Before we start, we must remember that we cannot and shouldn’t force any person to love us; if we try to do so, we would get Karma repercussions because we would be acting against the plans of the Universe. So if you intend to force someone to love you, this ritual will prove useless to you. Love is granted willingly or not granted at all; it is the cosmic law.
But if you are alone and looking for somebody to enjoy a healthy relationship in which you grow together, then this ritual is certainly for you. The same will happen if you are apart from your love and want to get together with him/her again, to the enjoyment of you both.
Are you ready? Let’s get down to work!


1 large oval mirror
2 candles, one pink and one green
2 candlesticks in clear crystal or silver (nickel silver)
2 greenhouse roses: one red, one white
A clear crystal vase
Love oil or incense: jasmine, red roses, lavender
A small tray to place the candles
Red thread, yarn or string
A knife to be used exclusively at rituals, preferably with a black handle
1 white silk kerchief


First night. Three days before the Full Moon, in a dark room, place each of the candlesticks and light the two candles. The green candle stands for the color of Love; the pink candle stands for the color of Venus. Decide which color represents you and which represents your partner.
Light your partner’s candle in the first place.
Take the red rose (the masculine) and the white rose (the feminine) and place them before the corresponding candle so that its light is reflected upon them. Say the following words:
“I call you, (if you know his/her name, say it now), my love. Come to me freely; let your image appear in this wall and allow that very soon we will be together in real life.”
While saying these words, move the candles slightly one towards the other, and then do the same with the roses. It is possible that you will immediately see the face of your loved one in the mirror. The first night, the shape will not be quite defined; smile and say some private words of greeting.
If you see nothing, when blowing the candles out you will surely see his/her face, with the last glimpses. Say some loving words. Leave the flowers, the candles and the mirror in that place.