Ritual to Find a Partner

During three nights when going to bed, think of a pink light wrapping up your body until you fall asleep. On the morning, take a shower.
Spill an infusion made of water, apple peelings and a spoonful of honey on your body, from the shoulders down (not touching head or face). On the fourth night, when going to bed, light a stick of incense and picture yourself completely wrapped up in a halo of heat and white light. With fervor, repeat:
“God, I know, I want to love, and that there is somebody out there that is willing to surrender to my heart. I wish him/her to arrive as soon as possible.”
Then imagine that this person, also wrapped up in a halo of light, enters your room, and talks to you and caresses you.
Picture yourself tenderly saying good-bye to him/her as he/she is going away. Finish this ritual saying:
“Love will arrive because I wish so.”
Repeat this four times; do all this for a total of seven nights. If time goes by and there are no results, repeat with more faith and love than before.