Ritual to Find a Partner (II)

On a Full Moon day, after your bath, close the water taps. Right on that moment anoint all your body with bee honey (including your genitals). After that make a request to God or Goddess that you want to find your ideal partner, in an only sentence.
When saying this, picture yourself being covered in a blue light coming out from between your brows; then with a pink light, and then with a yellow light.
After doing this, rinse thoroughly to wash out all the sticky honey. Dry yourself and get dressed with clothes you enjoy wearing.
Besides, fill a clear glass with water. Pour three spoonfuls of white sugar, three of brown sugar, and three of bee honey.
Light a small red candle to this love cloy and request the Gods to make you sweet so that you can find a special person. Then stick a spoon in the glass and stir all this together while saying:

As sweet as this water is, as sweet I want my heart to be so that it is open to receive that ideal person that feels love for me and will always be sweet with me.