Recipe for Improving the Relationship with Your Partner

This is a magic recipe to help your relationship with your partner improve, getting rid of all those negative energies that may be in the way. Please bear in mind this has to be a common desire; you cannot make anybody to forcedly be with you as that could be detrimental to you.
So then, if you are sure your partner wants to be with you and you don’t know what to do to strengthen your bonds, here is our proposal for you:


1 picture of yourself
1 picture of your partner
1 pink candle
Wooden matches
Red thread and needle


Mark the pink candle to divide it into seven equal sections. Sew the two pictures together, front to front, and on the edges, with the red thread. Place them in front of the pink candle.
Every day burn one of the seven sections of the candle. When that part is burnt away, put the candle out so that the magic recipe lasts for seven days.
While the candle is burning until reaching its day mark, visualize what you want for your couple. For instance, you can think you stop quarreling about trifles, fostering communication, setting more value on the positive aspects, solving misunderstandings, and so on.
After the seven days, get rid of the remains of the magic recipe in this way: Set a lighted match to the sewn pictures while you say:
“The bonding is accomplished” three times.
After that you can discard everything. This will get better soon.