Love Spell

This spell needs work with essential oils and natural elements; both of them can be purchased in street markets, esoteric stores or with healers.


1 red candle
Small and new basin, in porcelain or clay
Drops of vanilla extract
Fresh lemon peeling
Violet oil
Rose oil
1 glass of water


On the Crescent or in a Full Moon night, dress completely in white and find a place where you can be alone and suffer no interruptions. Light the candle; meditate for a few instants looking at the flame in order to settle your heart and get into a receptive state.
Next, mix all the ingredients in the small basin. Apply some of this mix to your temples and your heart (on the skin, not on your clothes) while requesting love to come to you.
Now set fire to the mix. Move your right hand three times (back and forth) over the smoke coming from the mix; then place your hand over your heart and request the gods that you find true love. Pour water on the basin to put out the fire.