Love Flame Spell

On a Friday, between 7 and 8 p.m., light an incense stick in a quiet place of your home; put some flowers you like on an altar or a small table, covered with a white cloth.
Take a green candle and anoint it with rose oil. Place it on a small dish or any kind of support and light it using wooden matches.
Close your eyes, and focus on the image of your loved one. Once focused, visualize what you wish to take place with this person.
Focus your mind on a concrete image (he/she kissing you, or any other loving scene), and say three times:
“By order of the Fire, let all of this happen.”
Leave the flame burning all night; remember to take the necessary precautions to avoid fires or any accident. If your housing conditions may pose a danger for this ritual, it is ok to do it in daylight. Take a look at the candle the following morning.
Both the shape and the size will tell if the ritual has worked. If the candle has completely burnt away, everything will be ok. But if there still is a lot of wax, if the wax has an irregular shape, or if it is excessively consumed, the ritual will have to be repeated three Fridays in a row.
And if this does not work either, there is probably a powerful reason for it to be so.