How to Sexually Attract Your Lover without Him/Her Knowing It

You may feel your partner has lost his/her sexual interest and does not come to you with the enthusiasm he/she used to show before, or that his/her moments of coldness and indifference are increasing.
Then this is the time to reverse the situation increasing the sexual drive and the passion in your lover, but without raising suspicions of any kind that can cause him/her to get angry.
To do that, put into practice the following magical procedure:


1. Two days before Full Moon, take a head of lettuce that is to be purchased during the Crescent. Take out each of its leaves, one by one, and wash them thoroughly. Cut off the greener part of the leaf and keep the whiter part, the one closest to the core. Cut these parts in sticks of 1 cm wide and place them into a middle-size jar until it is half-way full.
2. Complete the jar with 90 degrees of fine alcohol, filling it to the brim; leave the mix to rest in the jar during five days at the least.
3. After the five days, filter the preparation. Pour the liquid into three small flasks numbered from 1 to 3, in the following way: Take flask number 1; pour six drops of the liquid in it; add twenty drops of alcohol; cover it and shake it thirty times. Then open it and pour its contents into flask number 2. Cover this flask and shake it thirty times. Lastly, pour the mix into flask number 3; add ten drops of alcohol and shake it thirty times.
4. Pour the contents of flask number 3 on a tissue paper and let it dry at room temperature. Once the tissue is dry, cut it in half. Take a picture of your partner and place it sandwiched between the two pieces of tissue paper. Store everything in a wooden box.
Continue making the impregnation of the two halves of tissue paper until your problem is solved. Always use the same picture.