How to Know If Your Partner is the One

Take some object or material that is charged with the energy of that person: a piece of fabric, a strand of hair.
Or better still, give him/her a piece of pink quartz so that he/she handles it and gives it back to you.
Prepare your circle; take your pendulum and bell.
Take the piece and place it on a white piece of paper or a white kerchief.
Ring the bell once; while the sound lasts, say:
“Mister, Madam, I need you to let me know, through my energy in this pendulum, if (Person’s Name) is the ideal one for me, and if we will not have big troubles.”
Ring the bell again and say:
“What this pendulum represents will be what takes place.
So be it.”
Take the pendulum and place it above the garment or object.
If your partner is the ideal one, the Pendulum will move in Deosil (clockwise), or will move backwards and forwards —that is to say, towards you and back.
If your partner is not the one, the pendulum will move counterclockwise or will say no by moving right and left.