Go for the GOLD spell


• saffron
• alcohol
• gold, bronze, or copper colored coins.

Leos are ruled by the sun, and gold or bronze are the precious metals that belong to the lion. Fifth house money usually comes from gambling or stock market speculation.

Leo money can also come from children or any other creative source. The best time to work Leonine money magic is in the morning with the rising sun. Begin this spell on a Sunday at sunrise.

Saffron is a highly prized and expensive spice cherished by the ancient world. It was alleged to heighten mtuitiveness and joy, as well as increase wealth.

Alcohol is ruled by Leo and is used to enhance and heighten pleasure (both spiritual and material). There is an old cooking trick that uses alcohol to quickly release the potency and rich color of saffron.

Go for the GOLD spell

Place a tablespoon of saffron in a mortar and add a teaspoon of brandy or any yellow-colored alcohol (Goldschläger is great it you can obtain it, for it contains real bits of gold!)

Grind with your pestle to bring up the attributes of the saffron. Mix this into a small bowl or dish filled with gold, bronze, or copper-colored coins.

If the coins are really made of these metals, even better! Hold this dish of coins centered in both hands for several minutes each morning at sunrise and meditate upon your financial success. Leos may create this money bowl at any time of the year and use it constantly.

If you feel the power of it is waning, you may recharge it by placing the bowl directly in the sun. You may also wash the coins in spring water and repeat the original procedure after one solar year.

The money bowl is designed to bring happiness and a constant flow of cash into your life. Other signs looking to make money in the creative arts or other speculative ventures should begin the bowl on the first Sunday of the sun in Leo (July 23August 22).

Do the meditation every morning while the sun moves through the sign. On the last day place the bowl outside under the sun as an offering to complete the spell.