Bath to Make an Unknown Person Fall in Love with You


1 glass of sugar cane aguardiente
15 beans of natural coffee
3 cinnamon sticks ground together with 3 cloves
3 spoonfuls of honey blossom orange
An orange peeling (in a single piece)

Step-by-Step Preparation

On Sunday, in full sunshine —preferably at Noon—, mix all the ingredients in a glass basin, following this order and instructions:
1. Pour the sugar cane aguardiente washing both wrists with it when pouring it into the basin.
2. Rub the coffee beans between your palms to heat them as most as possible and then drop them into the sugar cane aguardiente.
3. In a mortar, grind together the cinnamon sticks and the cloves, and draw a cross in the air while sprinkling these powdered spices into the basin.
4. Put each of the spoonfuls of honey into your mouth to mix them up with your saliva and spit them into the basin.
5. Lastly, write your name in the orange peeling with a pointed instrument, and write the word “love” beside your name.
6. Cover the basin with a red kerchief and leave it under your bed during the rest of that day and the whole night.
7. Next morning, that is to say Monday, filter the potion. After showering, spill the contents all over your body and leave it air-dry on your skin.