Bath for Fascinating


1 white candle, large, that lasts over eight hours
Verbena essence
The shell of a white egg and of a brown egg, finely crushed into powder
1/2 liter of spring water
2 glasses of sea water, 1 glass of river water, and a small cup of rain water
1 cup of black rum
15 beans of natural coffee
5 spoonfuls of honey blossom orange
1 vanilla pod
5 cloves
1 sprig of verbena
1 white cloth
1 crystal bottle, color red or yellow
1 small pink silk pouch


Carve your name in the candle, starting at the base and finishing at the wick; then anoint the candle with the verbena essence, from bottom to top like the name.
Light the candle with a wooden match and place it before a clay basin.
Place all the ingredients inside the basin and let them soak until the candle is completely burnt away.
Filter the potion and leave the solid part to dry. Once dry, put it into the silk pouch and carry it your bag or pocket at all times.
Pour the liquid part into the crystal bottle, very carefully and focusing on the action.
Every time we want to go on a love date or want to foster one, take a shower and then rub your solar plexus (the pit of your stomach) and your waist with some drops of the magic liquid.
Results will come soon, provided you are able to perform this singular act of magic in full certainty of your powers.