Cancer Love Horoscope 2019

Cancer Love predictions 2019 for singles and couples

Though the 7th House of Love and Marriage is not a House of Power, three Eclipses this year guarantee much action and change. For singles this can indicate a marriage. You are forced to make a decision one way or another about a current relationship. It either gets more serious or dissolves. The Eclipse will not let you sit on the fence.
For married people, the Eclipses indicate crisis in the relationship. Hidden flaws that you never knew existed come up and must be dealt with.
Good relationships will get even stronger, but weak ones are endangered.
The movements of Saturn, your Love Planet, are also adding complication to the brew. Saturn, a long-term planet, changes Signs this year – although briefly. Thus, your needs and attitudes in love are undergoing change. You feel the need for different things in a relationship.
While Saturn was in Taurus you wanted the basics in a relationship: physical intimacy, financial support, touching, a sense of security. But as Saturn starts to move into Gemini (it will become established in this Sign next year) you want intellectual communion, communication, talking, the exchange of ideas and a shared spirituality. This combined with the Eclipses is producing the various crises.
Singles will find love at professional organizations or groups to which they belong. Perhaps a romance is struck up via e-mail, or over the Internet. Astrology plays a role in love this year.
When Jupiter conjoins your Love Planet in the summer, a significant love opportunity will come to you. But you must allow time for its development.
For married people, the conjunction of Jupiter with the Love Planet (Saturn) denotes an opportunity to enhance and deepen the present relationship and the coming of new and significant friends into the picture.
The South Node of the Moon moves into your House of Marriage on 10th April.
This denotes heightened sexual activity in the marriage. Instincts and passions are aroused for good or ill.
Sex can become compulsive rather than romantic or erotic. It can become addictive as well. If all this takes place within the relationship, all well and good – the problems arise if it takes place outside the relationship.
Singles may have to go through a few addictive relationships before finding Mr or Ms Wonderful. A hot physical chemistry does not a marriage make.
Your love and social life will be most active from 1st to 20th January, 24th January to 18th February, May and June, 13th November to 8th December, and 21st to 31st December.

Love Horoscope 2019