Horoscope Virgo September 2019

The domestic scene could bring challenges during the first three weeks of the month.
A mechanical problem is again possible, and family relationships may be stressful. But you’ll be able to resolve any difficulties after the Sun moves into Libra on September 22.
You’ll benefit from the personally empowering energy of a favorable Jupiter-Saturn alignment that links your solar Fifth and First Houses.
All you do will benefit from your unique brand of practical creativity, and you could meet someone fascinating the first week of the month.
If you’re a parent (or grandparent), or hope to be, you could have something to celebrate.
People, especially those closest to you, will be in the spotlight of the September 15 Moon in Pisces, your solar Seventh House.
You won’t agree with everyone all the time, and some people will frustrate and irritate you.
But that’s all a part of life and you’ll undoubtedly gain new insights into human nature that will serve you well in the future.
You’ll have a way with words and will be able to charm almost anyone after Venus enters Scorpio, your solar Third House of communication, September 23.
The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars will visit Libra, your solar Second House of personal resources, at various times this month to boost your earning potential.
You’ll also get the benefit of the September 29 Moon in the same sign. A raise, bonus, or lucky win is possible, and chances are good you’ll have the funds to cover any extra expenses that might pop up. Take a chance on the lottery. Pay bills early; Mercury turns retrograde on September 24.

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