Horoscope Virgo June 2019

Family life will be somewhat stressful as Pluto returns to Sagittarius, your solar Fourth House, five days before the Moon in the same sign.
Career tension will probably be the root cause, but you also might have to deal with mechanical problems and repairs, a difficult roommate, or a relative who needs your help. This is not the month to begin a new living arrangement.
Mars in Leo, your solar Twelfth House, is your ally this month. Even if you didn’t quite manage to fulfill the goal of daily downtime in May, you’ll welcome it this month. Give meditation a try. If you have difficulty sitting still, take a daily walk and let your mind drift.
The moderate exercise will also help you de-stress.
You’ll have another avenue for relaxation this month: fun times with friends. Look forward to June 18, when Venus will enter Cancer, your solar Eleventh House, followed by the Sun on the June 20. You might even reconnect with a pal or former love interest you haven’t seen in eons, or meet a soul mate.
You might as well just plan to go with the flow at work because days of turmoil will be as common as days of calm, along with the predictable and the unexpected.
There’s no doubt you’ll have opportunities to shine, with the Moon June 3 in Gemini, your solar Tenth House.
People and relationships will be the major stumbling block, as the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the same sign clash with several planets, and Mercury travels retrograde through June 19. Cover your bases. Be careful whom you trust. Chances are, you’ll come out on top.

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