Horoscope Virgo February 2019

The February 20 Moon in Virgo is all about you. It’s also about the relationships in your life. Tension is likely with someone close to you—friend, colleague, partner, or loved one. Even though you might be tempted to cut ties, a little distance is probably a better choice now.

Your thoughts and feelings will become clearer next month after you’ve had time to reflect and to put things in perspective.

Tap into your practical creativity the first week of February when a Venus-Jupiter-Uranus lineup will encourage you to learn a new hobby or resurrect one you used to enjoy. You’ll also be able to find clever, unique solutions that can set you apart from the crowd at work, so speak up and share your great ideas.

Venus in Capricorn will also boost your social life, and with it will come opportunities for a new relationship.

That could happen at the least expected moment, a matter of chance that later proves to be almost fateful. If you’re a parent, you’ll delight in time with your children, whose comments could trigger new insights. Some Virgos celebrate the arrival of an addition to the family.

This month is one of the best for career gains and rewards. With the February 6 Moon in Aquarius, your solar Sixth House of daily work, you’ll have the extra incentive and enthusiasm for high productivity.

The bonus is Mars in Gemini, your solar Tenth House of career, which gives you an opening to impress decision-makers. Remember, though, that Mercury is retrograde until February 18, so check and recheck those all-important details.

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