Horoscope Virgo December 2019

Tension rises again on the home front as the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Sagittarius, your solar Fourth House, clash with several planets.
Think calm and resist the temptation to make snap decisions, even when family members push your limits.
Household mechanical problems will continue to be a possibility, but don’t attempt to repair things yourself. It will be less expensive in the long run to call an expert.
An incredible lineup of planets in Capricorn in the days surrounding the December 27 Moon in the same sign could bring you all the luck you could ever wish for.
Try the lottery again (but don’t bet the mortgage payment) and, if you’re looking for love, join other singles for a night out or ask a friend to introduce you to someone who might be a great match. Some Virgos welcome an addition to the family and others celebrate their children’s successes.
Holiday socializing will be all you could ask for, thanks to the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto (plus the Moon) in Capricorn, your solar Fifth House, at various times. Accept as many invitations as you can, and offer a few of your own, but be sure to name someone the designated driver.
Party safely!
You’ll be among the favored few at work after Venus enters Aquarius, your solar Sixth House, December 7. And, the December 12 Moon in Gemini, your solar Tenth House, will have you in the career spotlight.
Take advantage of business social events to get better acquainted with decision-makers. One of them could become your mentor for success.

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