Horoscope Taurus November 2019

You could see another side of someone at work, the boss or a coworker, that’s decidedly different from what you thought true. Although disappointing, it’s also a case of “live and learn.” Be cautious this month about what you tell whom. Someone could try to lead you astray, steal the credit, or even undermine your efforts. Put your faith in facts, not promises.
Planetary alignments in Capricorn, your solar Ninth House, motivate you to go in search of new territory and fresh scenery. That’s a plus if you plan to travel this month, or if you’re ready to make reservations for a winter trip. If you’re a student (or the parent of one) in search of funding or college admittance, you could have plenty to celebrate.
Personal relationships continue to delight you as the Sun completes its Scorpio tour November 1-20, and Mercury moves through the same sign November 4-22. Communication strengthens ties, and you’ll be on the same wavelength with your partner, close friends, and loved ones. Share your thoughts and feelings, and let them know how much they mean to you.
The November 27 Moon in Sagittarius highlights your solar Eighth House of joint resources, as do Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in the same sign at various times. Finances will be mixed, with the possibility for unexpected expenses as well as possible gains for you or your partner as Pluto completes the final weeks of its long trip through Sagittarius.

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