Horoscope Taurus June 2019

Although June will be mostly easygoing, you’ll again have some financial challenges, with Mercury retrograde in Gemini, your solar Second House, until June 19, and Pluto’s return to Sagittarius, your solar Eighth House. Your budget could be stretched at times, and you’ll probably have a few unexpected expenses.
This is not the month to apply for a loan or mortgage, but you should check your (and the family’s) credit report to be sure it’s error-free.
Mars advances in Leo, your solar Fourth House of home and family, all month.
That’s all the reason you need to get your place in shape, inside and out, for the summer. Or, take the plunge and dive into a do-it-yourself home-improvement project. Start with a single room and use more creativity than money. You’ll be pleased with the instant gratification for your efforts.
You have a way with words later this month when Venus and the Sun are in Cancer, your solar Third House of communication. Share your clever yet practical ideas in meetings and casual conversation, and try to schedule an important talk or appointment between June 20 and 22. That’s also a prime time to meet someone new if you’re looking for romance.
Despite this month’s financial challenges, you might have something to cheer about. A raise or bonus is possible, or you might benefit from a new company perk. At the least, you’ll have an opportunity to showcase your skills and talents for decision-makers, which can bring you career rewards later this year.

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