Horoscope Scorpio November 2019

Be careful if you work around the house midmonth. Both the Sun and Mercury in your sign will clash with Neptune in Aquarius, your solar Fourth House.
What might seem like a simple repair will be far more complicated, despite what a family member or friend tells you.
Call a professional; it ultimately will be less expensive.
November will feature the exact alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. It will trigger an opportunity, but one that requires change and possibly risk.
Be cautious with financial resources, but remain open to what could be a terrific money-making opportunity.
You could have a terrific idea for an innovative product or suddenly realize a hobby might produce a great sideline income.
People, especially loved ones, will take on added importance under the November 13 Moon in Taurus, your solar Seventh House.
This influence also emphasizes business partnership and professional consultations, although, with this month’s major planetary configuration you’ll want to check credentials and align yourself only with those who are personally and financially trustworthy.
Mars enters Sagittarius, your solar Second House of personal resources, November 16. It’s followed by the Sun on November 21, and Mercury on November 23.
With all this planetary activity, plus the Moon on November 27, you can expect money matters to fluctuate.
Unexpected expenses are as likely as a boost in income. Keep an eye on your budget and avoid debt.

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