Horoscope Scorpio June 2019

You’ll be more focused on career than summer fun as Mars advances in Leo, your solar Tenth House. That can trigger stress on the home front.
Although the hours will be limited and you’ll feel stretched, time with friends and family, and for yourself, will be as good for you as it is for them.
The Sun and Venus will enter Cancer, your solar Ninth House, later this month to spark an interest in knowledge and travel. That’s reason enough to check out the possibilities for distance learning for fun or profit, and to consider a summer trip with friends or family. You could accomplish both by attending a conference related to your career or a club or organization, this month or next.
Although family relationships will fluctuate (a dating relationship will be the same), you’ll probably be in contact with old friends.
Among them could be a former love interest or someone who could become one. It’s also possible you’ll meet a soul mate, or be inspired by the wisdom of an elderly relative or mentor.
The Moon on June 18 in Gemini and the Moon on June 3 in Sagittarius highlight your solar Second-Eighth House axis of money.
Give yourself a financial health assessment, including debt, savings, spending habits, investment and retirement funds, and earning potential.
Then set plans in motion to initiate positive changes after Mercury turns direct June 19. Unexpected expenses are possible, but you also could net a windfall, raise, or bonus. Test your luck on a contest or the lottery. You might be the next big winner!

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