Horoscope Sagittarius October 2019

Mars will slip behind the scenes in your life when it enters Scorpio, your solar Twelfth House, October 3, also the sign of the Moon October 28.
With the Sun and Venus in Scorpio part of the month, this is your time of year to look within, review the past, and prepare for next month when the Sun will enter your sign.
But energetic Mars could make it tough to get the rest you need, so try to unwind every night before bedtime. Light reading might help you turn off your brain.
Your aura will sparkle with an extra level of magical charm once Venus enters your sign, October 18. That’s sure to be a real plus not only for your love life but also in business, where people will be naturally drawn to you and your clever ideas. This period will be especially favorable for important meetings and appointments.
Lucky you! October is another social month, thanks to Mercury in Libra, your solar Eleventh House, all month, and the Sun there through October 21.
Enjoy this popular period that will feature friendship and bring opportunities to widen your circle around the time of the Moon in Aries, your solar Fifth House.
You may have a personal or financial gain this month, possibly through a friend. It might not be the deal for you.
Let things slide until month’s end.
In the meantime, do your own research and, if necessary, get a professional opinion. Also be conservative with investments.
But do take a chance on the lottery the first and last weeks of October, when the Sun and Mercury will align with Jupiter in Capricorn, your solar Second House of personal resources.

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