Horoscope Sagittarius January 2019

Life in general will frustrate you at times this month, when you’ll feel as though nothing is progressing or going your way.

Hang in there! Things will begin to improve the last week of the month, once Venus moves on to Capricorn.

Before then, it clashes with several planets, triggering tension at home and at work. This is not the time to speak your mind. Emphasize tact to the max.

You’re at your most curious and adventuresome this month, thanks to Mercury’s arrival in Aquarius January 7, followed by the Sun in the same sign from January 20 on, and the January 22 Moon in Leo. Add travel to your agenda, even a quick weekend getaway.

But try to do it before Mercury turns retrograde January 28. Or, take a mental journey via your favorite bookstore, the Internet, or a fun class.

Expect personal and business relationships to be a bit rocky, as they probably have been at times since November when Mars turned retrograde in Gemini, your solar Seventh House.

The good news is that the red planet begins to move forward January 30. Minor mix- ups and misunderstandings are still possible, however, because of retrograde Mercury, so be sure to confirm dates, times, and places.

Money! Your bank account could get a boost from the January 8 Moon in Capricorn, or later this month as Venus and Jupiter in the same sign align favorably with Saturn in your solar Tenth House of career.

Save before you spend, and consider increasing the amount you contribute to your retirement fund.

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