Horoscope Pisces November 2019

The major 2019 alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus will culminate this month as they make their final contacts with each other. The planetary energy will link three of your solar Houses: First (you), Seventh (relationships), and Eleventh (friends and groups). All will contribute to the events that will unfold this month and into December. You may align yourself with new people or someone who presents an unusual opportunity, and distance yourself from others. Just be aware that actions taken now are unlikely to be reversed, for whatever reason.
The Sun, Mercury, and Mars will travel in Scorpio, your solar Ninth House, during the first two to three weeks of the month.
That makes November a good choice for short-term learning. Take a class or attend a seminar designed to quickly bring you up to speed on the latest job skills. Or, take a leisure-time class just for the fun of it.
Much of the activity surrounding relationships will be related to this month’s hotspot. But you’ll also enjoy an active social life as first Venus, and then Pluto, enter Capricorn, your solar Eleventh House. You’ll also have all the right words at any meet-and-greet event as the November 13 Moon in Taurus lights up your solar Third House of communication.
Your career will be in high focus as planets begin to shift into Sagittarius, your solar Tenth House, later this month. With Mars among them, you can expect a fast-paced environment at work until year’s end, and increased potential for recognition around the time of the November 28 Moon, also in Sagittarius.

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