Horoscope Pisces March 2019

You and a friend could have a difference of opinion that’s strong enough to cut ties. Even if it blows over early in March, you’ll experience an encore close to month’s end. Finances or values may be the issue. But even friendship isn’t a reason to put your resources at risk or to compromise your beliefs.
March is your month to shine! Step into each day with confidence, knowing the Sun and March 7 Moon are in your sign. It only gets better on March 12, when Venus will enter Pisces, followed by Mercury on March 14- Turn on the charm, connect with people, and make every day a winner. Also give some thought to what you want to achieve in the next twelve months. Aim high and set ambitious personal and career goals.
You’ll be an attention-getter who attracts the interest of many this month. And almost all of them will be more than happy to do you a favor and grant your wishes, if possible. Your social life will benefit from Mars in Cancer, your solar Fifth House, from March 4 to May 8, a period that promises many fun-filled days and the potential to meet a soul mate.
The Moon on March 21 in Libra, your solar Eighth House, will emphasize the need to take charge of your finances. If you have consumer debt, develop a plan, including deadlines, to pay it off in the shortest amount of time. Do the same to increase savings and retirement funds. You’ll get additional motivation later this month when the Aries Sun will clash with Mars and Pluto, creating a budget crunch. Be proactive for the future.

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