Horoscope Pisces February 2019

After a hectic January, you’ll appreciate a low-key month and the chance to kick back a little. Enjoy it while it lasts because the rest of the year will be busy.

The timing is ideal because this month’s Moon February 6 is in Aquarius, your solar Twelfth House of self renewal. Take time for yourself; sleep, rest, and relax. Eat healthy.

Your social life gets a boost from Venus in Capricorn, your solar Eleventh House of friendship, especially the first week of the month.

Host a get-together or plan an outing the first weekend, and see other friends the next week. One of them could be your link to luck, and you could make a valuable networking contact.

Relationships will be generally positive and upbeat this month, and you’ll find people stimulating and interesting.

The exception is the time around the February 20 Moon in Virgo, your solar Seventh House of relationships, when you and someone close could clash. Aim for a compromise that at least partially satisfies both your needs, and try to view the situation as a good learning experience.

Your work life will be mostly routine this month. Take advantage of the extra time to catch up and to get better acquainted with coworkers and decision-makers.

Teamwork is also to your advantage. You could hear some confidential information that might lead to an opportunity to shine later in the year.

Finances are in positive territory, but if you plan to make a major domestic purchase, wait until after Mercury turns direct February 18, and preferably until the last week of the month.

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