Horoscope Libra September 2019

It’s wise to continue to emphasize sleep and careful driving while the Sun is in Virgo, September 1 through 21.
You’ll need the extra rest to keep up the rapid pace triggered by Mercury, Venus, and Mars in your sign. If you haven’t had a health assessment recently, now is a good time to do that.
Schedule a check-up.
The Sun will begin its annual trip through your sign on September 22, and the Moon is in Libra September 29. Mark those dates on your calendar! With both will come renewed enthusiasm for life and the motivation to be the best that you can be.
You’ll be ready to define new personal directions, but it might be smart to hold off until later next month because your goals are likely to change as Mercury travels retrograde September 24 through October 14.
Your powers of attraction will continue to be at their best with Venus in your sign through September 23, and you’ll be in tune with many people, especially loved ones.
But you’ll also be more focused on yourself than usually this month, which could leave some people wondering if you’ve lost interest in their lives and activities. That’s okay. Even a people-oriented Libra is entitled to time in the spotlight on center stage.
You’ll have more than enough to keep you busy at work when the September 15 Moon in Pisces will activate your solar Sixth House.
Maintaining the pace could be a challenge at times, especially because of difficult people and what will seem like constant change. Go with the flow and steer clear of power struggles.

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