Horoscope Leo November 2019

Life at home is busy as the planets cluster in your Fourth House of family life. This could involve renovations or repairs, preparations for and entertainment of guests, and lively interactions with other family members. It’s a good time to do a fall cleaning, get the carpets steamed, and put a new coat of paint on the walls. You can have fun while you increase your enjoyment of your home.
If you are working on repairs or redecorating around the house, it’s important to do some exercise that uses muscle groups differently from the ways they are being fatigued as you work.
Take a walk or run sometime during the day.
You may be more sensitive than you think to fumes from cleaning and construction products, so keep your workspace well-ventilated. Be extra careful on November 1, 8, 11, and 17.
In spite of the minor challenges you face with all the activity at home, life with your family is good.
However, in a time of tiredness or stress, it is possible to say the wrong thing, especially on November 11.
An immediate and simple apology will go far toward recreating harmony.
If you feel inspired and optimistic as the month wears on, it’s because Jupiter is about to enter Sagittarius and your Fifth House of fun and creativity.
You’ve worked hard over the past year to build something new, and now it will go much more smoothly, feeding into your big plans for success.
Now is the time to let your creative side run free, because it is through what you do now that you’ll discover and later fulfill your greatest potential.

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