Horoscope Leo June 2019

Pressure intensifies now as Mars reaches Saturn in your sign on June 17. This is only another stage in the situation that emerged last July and became better defined in the fall.
Since then, you’ve had major turning points occur in January, April, and May.
From June 4-22, you’ll be engaged in activities that further resolve the associated issues, with peak events from June 17—22.
You need time to yourself now to gain clarity on the issues confronting you, so it’s a good time to plan that into your schedule. You can economize on time by doing things by yourself that you normally engage in with others present, such as office work (close the door), exercise, and spiritual practice.
There’s a weakness in your relationship life that you’ve been trying to mend since last summer.
It will take a long process of self-examination and healing, as well as a willingness to engage honestly with your partner if you have one.
Now there’s a chance to bring new insight more gently into the equation, especially around June 7. Although it’s not a panacea, it is a step in the right direction.
Disruption of your normal stream of income may occur around June 19 when Uranus’ retrograde period begins.
It’s part of a bigger change in the way you gain sustenance.
You’ve been seeking to free yourself of financial limitations, but it also opens you to greater financial risk.
The next five months give you a chance to strengthen your base, so that when your income fluctuates downward you have a reserve to rely on.

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