Horoscope Leo February 2019

Through February 5, you’ll continue following the journey on your new life path that you started in mid-January, as January’s major configuration is triggered by Mercury and the Sun: Take the time to tune in to your inner reality on February 5, when Neptune’s new yearly cycle begins.

Insights may be reflected to you by others who may not be aware of the messages they’re bringing.

Venus returns to forward motion on February 3. Now you can get back to managing your own schedule as you see fit, which should include a reinvigorated exercise routine and nutritious meals. You’ll be back to normal by the end of the month.

Your work relationships need adjustments. If you manage a team, you could have had to hire or fire someone, or give someone additional guidance.

Conflicts could have arisen within the group that need to be resolved.

If they have not been resolved, they will go underground and become entrenched in the system, so it is best to clear the air now before that happens.

The earlier in the month you handle it, the better it will be, since Venus, the key planet, changes course on February 3.

It’s time to look deeply into what you want from your closest relationships. If there are unresolved issues, you can’t make them go away by ignoring them.

A constructive approach is required to overcome serious problems, and the help of others may be necessary.

You’ve been running behind schedule for at least six weeks, but you’ll be able to catch up quickly now. Distractions ebb as everyone begins to pull together again.

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