Horoscope Leo August 2019

This will be the most active month of the year for you, as the Sun and Saturn connect to start Saturn’s new yearly cycle on August 7.
You have a clear view of how to create the new you, and you’re completely devoted to accomplishing your goals.
Over the next year, you’ll have to decide how to balance fulfilling your plans against meeting your obligations and commitments to others. Events related to this issue come to the surface on August 10.
You have a tendency to be a little too serious these days, but you can temper this by taking time to laugh and enjoy life. Schedule some free time if you find it hard to break away, and make a commitment to yourself in your life to do something fun during that time.
Events on August 10 bring a new awareness of the obstacles you face in your relationship life. If you have a partner, there is a way in which he or she is not there for you—in fact, your partner may drain your energy due to illness or personal weakness.
It is necessary to set boundaries on the situation in some way so that you can pursue your goals.
If he or she needs consistent extra support, perhaps it is time to get someone else to help out when you can’t, no matter how your loved one feels about it.
You could feel like soothing your frustrations by shopping this month, which is likely to inconvenience you in terms of fulfilling your plans for the future.
Don’t let your need to do what your friends are doing goad you into spending what you really can’t afford. The danger of this is greatest on August 13 and 29.

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