Horoscope Leo April 2019

A load lifts from your shoulders on April 5 when Saturn returns to forward motion.
Last July, when it entered your sign, you found it useful to take on additional responsibility and self-discipline in order to accomplish new goals.
Your choices were tested in the fall, and you had to commit to a plan of action starting November 22.
Your enterprise reached a crescendo on January 27, and now you can begin to see how things will shape up.
There are still four months to go with this phase of your plan, then another year before the pressure shifts to a new area.
Part of your self-improvement program involves presenting yourself in a new way. You’re seeing yourself differently and changing your appearance to reflect your new identity.
As Saturn changes direction, you’re clearer on what the new you looks like and what you need to do to accomplish your goals most effectively, and you can move ahead with a greater sense of clarity and optimism.
Although you can see changes coming down the road, it’s not time for them yet. In the meantime, facing what’s happening will permit you to prepare.
For now, you can empower your life in many ways by branching out socially. Charismatic types that you meet around April 8 may be more challenging than you bargained for.
Networking now will bring success in the future, even if it doesn’t seem like the potential is there. There are planetary harmonies on April 16, 19, and 20 to give your public life an extra boost. This is a good time to make those phone calls that spark new business.

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