Horoscope Gemini June 2019

Mercury, your ruling planet, will be retrograde until June 19, so you can expect mix-ups and misunderstandings to continue throughout much of the month. That can play havoc with your schedule, but more importantly, you should put significant personal and professional decisions on hold until July.
The spotlight is on—you! Tap into the energy of the June 3 Moon in your sign and step into each day with confidence, optimism, and the knowledge that you have what it takes to succeed in any endeavor in which you invest your heart and soul. Even better is Venus in your sign through June 17. With it will come an extra level of charm and charisma that boosts your powers of attraction.
The Moon is about you, and the Moon in Sagittarius on June 18, your solar Seventh House, is about your relationships. With Pluto retreating into the same sign June 13, the two weeks following the Moon will be the time to resolve any lingering challenges with those closest to you. Listening is as essential as compromise, and you can expect to be surprised by some of what you hear—and even more so when you realize the other person’s perspective is on target.
Your work life will be hectic midmonth, as change and last-minute projects are the norm. Stress is part of the package, so plan ahead and prepare yourself to think calm thoughts rathe? than test limits with coworkers and the boss. Later in June, when the Sun and Venus are in Cancer, you could receive a gift from a family member.

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