Horoscope Capricorn December 2019

Because the Sun and Mars will spend much of the month in Sagittarius, your solar Twelfth House, you should make rest, sleep, and relaxation a priority. It will be tough to do because of the hectic holidays, but it’s definitely in your best interests.
This will be a month to remember! An unusual gathering of planets in your sign within a few days of the Moon December 27 could give you many reasons to celebrate well into the next year.
You’ll get the maximum benefit of this Capricorn alignment of the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto if your birthday is December 21-29 or January 12—19.
But every Capricorn will experience the fresh burst of energy and personal empowerment associated with this stellar lineup. Do be careful, though.
You don’t want to end 2019 with an accident.
Although the social pace will slow somewhat this month, you’ll quickly make up for the lull when planets begin to move into Capricorn. You’ll also be a popular guest on the social circuit with Venus in your sign through December 6. Turn on the charm, meet people, attract exactly what you want!
The Moon on December 12 in Gemini, your solar Sixth House, will step up your workload the last two weeks of the year. That’s all the more reason to schedule evening and weekend time for you and your favorite people.
Once Venus moves on to Aquarius, your solar Second House, money will begin to flow your way. With all that’s going on in your sign this month, the lottery is worth a chance in the days surrounding the Moon.

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