Horoscope Cancer April 2019

You’ll again want to, and may try to, do it all this month, as several planets in Aries and Taurus link their energies with Mars in your sign. The March message about a balanced lifestyle remains in effect, but being too optimistic will be your challenge this month.
It’s just that all the opportunities are irresistible. Nevertheless, you’ll do yourself no favors if you say yes and fail to deliver on a promise.
Mercury and Venus will spend the first few days of April in Pisces, your solar Ninth House. Make it a point to leam many things during that time frame, when people will willingly share information, some of it confidential. Do the same for others, but stop short of secrets.
Keep those to yourself.
Your social life will take off the last two weeks of April, when the Sun and Mercury are in Taurus, your solar Eleventh House of friendship. See friends, arrange get-togethers and day trips, and use the planetary influence to widen your circle of personal and business contacts.
Some Cancers launch a new romance around the time of the April 20 Moon in Scorpio, your solar Fifth House of romance, and others commit to a lifetime of love.
March brings a star-studded lineup of planets, and the Moon on April 5 in Aries, your solar Tenth House of career and status.
This is an opportunity for significant gains, but just like March, you’ll also need to be alert for brewing conflict and controversy.
Someone could try to undermine your efforts, while others will promote your success. Knowing who’s who will be the challenge, so tread carefully until you’re sure who’s a supporter and who’s not.

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