Horoscope Aries July 2019

Communication will continue to be a challenge until Mercury moves on to Cancer on July 10, a period when you should be extra alert on the road. During the same time frame a friend could disappoint you. Take it in stride and consider it a lesson learned.
You’ll find home the comfiest and happiest place to be the first three weeks of July. If you’re ready to dive into a home decorating or improvement project, get started midmonth, when favorable Mercury alignments trigger ideas and give you easy access to do-it- yourself information. The only downside is over-optimism. Temper enthusiasm with a little reality and allow extra time to complete the new look.
Summer socializing is at its best with three planets arriving in Leo this month: Venus (July 12), the Sun (July 22), and Mercury (July 26). Venus is ideal for romance, whether with your partner or someone new, and Mercury and the Sun accent plenty of opportunities to be the life of the party. But be cautious and name someone as designated driver.
You have all the potential to be a rising star this month if you pitch in and make work a priority. It all begins July 1, when Mars, your ruling planet, enters Virgo, your solar Sixth House.
That alone is enough to put your workload in the fast lane. What’s almost guaranteed to bring you to the attention of important people, however, is the July 18 Moon in Capricorn, your solar Tenth House of career. This dynamic combination is an ideal opportunity to showcase your talents and leadership skills. Make the most of it.

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