Horoscope Aquarius June 2019

Finances, although in more positive territory this month, will again present some challenges. Most will be a continuation of last month’s events, although an unexpected expense, possibly related to a mechanical problem, is possible. If you need to replace a computer or appliance, consider an extended warranty because Mercury will be retrograde until June 19.
Good fortune will definitely be on your side in early June, when the Moon June 3 and a Sun-Mercury-Venus-Mars lineup, all in Gemini, could have you in the right place at the right time. Love, romance, and a lucky win are all possibilities; try the lottery. If you’re a parent or hope to be, you could have a reason to celebrate.
People will amaze you, frustrate you, delight you, and inspire you as the month unfolds. It’s also possible you could find yourself in the middle of a power struggle at work or with friends or a romantic interest around the time of the June 18 Moon in Sagittarius, your solar Eleventh House. Try to avoid those days if you need to schedule an important talk, appointment, or presentation. If a dating relationship isn’t working out as you hoped it would, it might be time to move on. But the Moon will also bring fun times with friends and the chance to get better acquainted with coworkers in a casual atmosphere.
Work will be satisfying and mostly easygoing, although busy, when Venus enters Cancer, your solar Sixth House, June 18, followed by the Sun on June 20. You could even profit from a small raise or bonus, or a new company perk.

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