Horoscope Sagittarius December 2018

Mars turns retrograde in Leo, your solar tenth house, on the 20th. Expect to be frustrated at times because decisions will be put on hold and projects stalled until early March when Mars turns direct. Find a good daily stress reliever and wait it out, knowing that nearly everyone around you is in some way experiencing a similar effect.
You’ll want to enjoy as much time as possible at home in your space this month. It’s the comfiest place to be with Jupiter and Neptune forming their last merger in Aquarius, your solar fourth house. That’s also a great reason to host a get-together for friends midmonth when the Sun and Venus align with Jupiter and Neptune.
Relationships are more challenging than not in early and late December as the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Capricorn, your solar third house, connect with Pluto, also in Capricorn, and Saturn in Libra. In addition to potential conflict with neighbors and relatives, including in-laws, these planetary alignments and the December 31 Moon in Cancer, your solar ninth house, make travel inadvisable. So you might want to postpone a vacation or hometown visit until next year. The odds for a delay or cancellation increase with Mercury’s switch to retrograde motion on the 26th. Drive carefully.
Money flows your direction with several planets, including Venus, and the December 16 Moon in Sagittarius, your solar second house. You also benefit from December’s first Moon, on the 2nd, in Gemini. The combination could bring you a nice year-end bonus in addition to some unexpected and much appreciated gifts.

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