Horoscope Leo February 2018

The year’s first Saturn/Uranus alignment makes money matters the February hotspot. Restriction, responsibility, and change are the keywords for this planetary duo, and although all Leos will be affected to a greater or lessfer degree, those born within a few days of August 13 need to be especially cautious and conservative. Extra expenses are likely and even a small financial risk could turn into a sizeable loss. It’s also possible you or your mate could have a change in income or realize that could be a possibility before year’s end.
The February 9 Moon (and lunar eclipse) in Leo is all about you! With it comes added confidence and charisma to charm your way into the hearts and minds of many. Go for it, ask for favors, endear yourself to others.
The Moon sparks a love relationship for some Leos, but remember that the lunar energy also activates Neptune in Aquarius. That means you’ll be idealistic and see what you want to see in others, which may be far different from the reality. Proceed with care. If you’re part of a couple, celebrate your love with a quick getaway at month’s end when Venus in Aries aligns with passionate Mars and lucky Jupiter in your solar seventh house. That’s also a positive time frame for business travel and presentations.
Work goes more smoothly this month now that Mercury is moving forward. (It turns direct on February 1.) But you should still be alert for errors; they could surface at any time during the first half of the month. Finances gain some stability after the February 24 Moon in Pisces, your sign of joint resources.

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