Horoscope Gemini January 2017

This is an excellent time to learn more, as either student or teacher. Travel can also play an important role. The most important feature of this cycle is taking action to reach into a new realm of possibilities.
Getting back to nature can be invigorating now, and your favorite winter recreation may have the added benefit of lifting your spirits.
A retreat or vacation can be enjoyable as long as you have plenty of freedom for spontaneity.
It’s time to take a careful look at the way you handle your close relationships. If your self-esteem is low, you may be too emotionally guarded, especially during the Moon on the 12th. Exploring your spiritual connection and establishing a bond that transcends the ordinary makes your relationships worthwhile.
You may discover something exciting about your lover or meet someone absolutely fascinating during the Moon on the 28th.
Attending conferences, making presentations, and generating support for your ideas works to your advantage. Budgetary details are also important, and you must be veiy careful in matters of taxes, loans, inheritance, or joint finances since you may not be aware of significant details that affect the long-term outcome.
If you need more time to review, take it, and distrust anyone who tries to push you before you’re comfortable with your decision.
Publishing and teaching can be especially profitable now, but you also are in an excellent position to deal with courts and legal matters. Your opinions and ideas can sway others.

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