Horoscope Aquarius April 2017

Clarifying communication details is crucial, since if you fail to do so you could end up with a confusing mess. Pay special attention to your finances, and leave room for unanticipated expenditures.
Tension builds, and excessive stress begins to take its toll by mid- month. Allow time in your schedule for frequent breaks, and remember to clear your mind. Worry saps your energy, so focus your mind and heart on more positive efforts.
You’re ready to clarify your intentions, although it’s easier to renew a commitment than it is to step into a new obligation during the Moon on the 11th. If there are problems, they may center on differences in value systems, or you may finally admit feeling unappreciated.
The roots of your issues reside in the things you’ve absorbed from your family, and you can break away from these old patterns and create a different foundation during the Moon on the 26th.
During Mercury’s retrograde through the 20th, you’re likely to confront some long-standing problems and finally reach a resolution.
But you may also be ending some obligations, and setting the stage for something new and innovative. Deception and undermining are likely, and it’s imperative to keep your eye on your competitors. Just as dangerous are those who seem too eager to please.
Get to the core of misunderstandings and look for practical solutions from the 1st—10th. The rest of the month is a mixture of power struggles and strange dilemmas.

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