September 27 Zodiac

Zodiac sign: Libra

You might be a strange combination. Your birth date ruler is Mars, fiery planet of zeal, and this, coupled together with your ruling planet. Venus, makes you passionate about life. You’ve very higher expectations of one’s physical body and power. You would like to become the Duracell Bunny and go on and on and on, but you must comprehend that this isn’t humanly attainable, advisable, or desirable!

It is possible to push yourself also hard, producing an unhappy relationship with yourself. Pay focus for your inner voice: are you buddies or enemies with oneself? Harsh or gentle? Work on this and life will likely be a lot more relaxed and pleasant. You might have the uncommon capability to be fully present in the moment, which enables you to uncover the essence and magic of life.

You are able to be a loner and disappear for hours or days contemplating your next grand plan. Lovers try and have an understanding of you but ought to study to offer you space and comprehend that it is actually not a reflection on them. An independent Aries, whose ruling planet can also be Mars, will be your ideal match.
Negative traits: Conflicted, insecure, frustrated
Positive traits: Charismatic, ambitious, successful